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Founder - President - CFO

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Mr. Levy-Cohen is a thought leader in the field of generational wealth preservation and tail risk management, a follower of capital flow analysis and economic cycles, with a keen eye for emerging trends and technologies.

For more than 8 years Arie worked at Morgan Stanley as International Client Advisor and Private Banker running both The Levy-Hafen and The WMO Groups. As a dual licensed Financial Advisor with both Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Morgan Stanley Private Bank N.A., Arie serviced institutional and ultra high net worth clients. He also served as an investment advisor to think tanks, technology incubators and Blockchain companies and single-family offices. Since 2010, Arie has been actively involved with various distributed ledger initiatives, advising start-ups and speaking at multiple FinTech conferences. He also co-moderated the Morgan Stanley Bitcoin Forum.

Arie started his career as an international entrepreneur based out of Barbados. He later moved to New York, where as a venture capitalist he participated in the emergence of the Internet by overseeing private placement investment and guided capital raising efforts tied to emerging technologies. Later, as a Swiss private banker, he provided highly specialized global advisory services and customized banking solutions to institutional and family offices, focused on gold and other commodities.

Currently Arie is Founder & CFO of SingularDTV, CFO to Input Output HK (IOHK) and VP Strategy to Monetary Metals. He is also deeply involved in FinTech serving as an Invited Expert with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and advisor to select Blockchain companies. Special focus on Identity, cryptographic security, risk and compliance (KYC\AML) and Tokenized Ecosystems.

Arie is primarily focused in the Blockchain (FinTech) industry whilst maintaining his roots as a fully licensed wealth management advisor, international private banker and in precious metals.~

What are the similarities between Bitcoin and Gold?

Has your background in precious metals informed your opinion on Blockchain? What are the similarities, if any, between bitcoin and gold?

3/25/2016 8:37:25 PM,
Arie Y Levy Cohen replied:

That they are both non financial, liquid monetary units that reside outside of the Financial system and enjoy not having exposure to financial or sovereign counterparty risk. Gold is tangibe and btc is not, but it may be wise to own both if you want a deep out of the money option that does not expire. I run a Gold Bullion Hedge Fund and obviously own and manage gold bullion. Personally I support the ownership of crypto currencies.

3/25/2016 8:33:21 PM,
Arie Y Levy Cohen replied:

A very lickely possibility that we see this happening in the near future, which is exemplified by what Mozila is doing. Watch what the W3C Web Payments are doing for standards in this field.