Anonymous asked Ray Garcia, 4/28/2016 12:28:54 AM
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What do you think of the prediction that mainstream adoption of Blockchain by banks is 10 years away?

There was a recent headline: Mainstream adoption of Blockchain by banks is 10 years away. What do you think of this prediction? 

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4/19/2018 6:21:08 PM,
Ray Garcia replied:

Banks do not innovate at a pace that is noticeable.  They experiment with lots of technology but generally are laggers not leaders.  Since this area might be perceived as a threat or an opportunity to cut cost it is getting some early exploration but as such the industry takes a very long time to adopt anything new and blockchain will be no different.

6/14/2018 5:25:01 AM,
Juan Llanos replied:

Contrary to maximalist sentiment back then, I said in 2014 that mainstream adoption of blockchain was 10 years away, and I stand by it.