Rik Willard

Founder and Managing Director @ Agentic Group LLC

Agentic Group LLC

Rik is a thought-leader in Blockchain and New Value (Meta-Asset) applications over a wide range of use cases.

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Rik is a digital media pioneer and thought leader focused on the emerging "Internet of Value"​, where the convergence of payments, security and the Internet of Things will greatly influence critical aspects of global business and the defionition of "value" in the near- and long-term. Just as money drives business today, new forms of value will begin to take shape based on the digital currency movement and significantly alter our definitions of value to better suit our interconnected world.

He is one of AlleyWatch magazine's "14 NYC People in Bitcoin You Must Know". As a Digital Professional and StartUp Facilitator with 20+ years of experience in advanced digital B2B and B2C in the Media, Luxury and Finance sectors, his executive and strategic strengths include identifying, managing, incubating, productizing, and funding, early-stage digital concepts.

Rik is a featured speaker for live appearances and television -- from the Harvard Business School Club and Kaufmann Institute to CNN, CNBC, Inside Bitcoins, the All Payments Expo, and Wall Street's Cheddar TV -- concerning entrepreneurship, digital matters and digital currencies. He is the Founder of Agentic Group, a membership-driven series that explores the crossroads of social interconnectedness, entrepreneurship and finance within the Blockchain ecosystem.

Why does the blockchain matter for the future of money?

In the new recently was the rapid decline of cash in the Swedish economy and the reduction in bank robberies that they attribute to this change.  The banks have slowly closed branches and reduced the number of ATM.  This is a precursor to what might happen in other advanced economies and if so what does the blockchain have to do with it?

2/26/2016 2:48:10 PM,
Rik Willard replied:

It matters a lot. The Blockchain (or rather the many different blockchains to come) are the ledgers by which transactions will be tracked in the near- and certainly the far-future.

It also shrinks the footprint of money down to your mobile device, which means that ATMs and even cards become uncecessary in many cases. Thieves who make a living stealing cash from banks will find no cash to steal. 

However, this does not mean that theft will vanish. It will sinply go online. The Blockchain adds an extra security layer to the process and is better than what we have but it's pretty much impossible to stop malicious hackers completley. 

As we evolove in this space, of course, we will becoem more sphisitcated in how we deal with these issues.

2/26/2016 2:43:30 PM,
Rik Willard replied:

Actually, it is being embraced by banks... to a degree. Many glopbal banks are exploring Blockchain technology as a way to increase efficienies in money transfers with increased security. 

That said, these are largely proprietary blockchains not based on the bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin itself is not smiled upon by the banking world to a large degreee because it challenges their monopoly as the holders of value in the world. Bitcoin is a threat to that hedgemony.