Tod Gillespie

Technology Product Innovator, Entrepreneur, Consultant

Easy-to-understand explanations and technical overviews of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin for non-technical people

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14 years experience in interactive technology and new media, focused on rich content delivery and consumer engagement. My goal is to deliver value and agency to media consumers by creating mobile products that execute around simple, elegant utility.

I love explaining complex technical concepts to non-technical people, especially in subjects that I'm passionate about: security, cryptocurrencies, user experience, and science.


Technology Product Innovator, Entrepreneur, Consultant
February 2013 - present

Consulting services for technology strategy, product design, infrastructure planning, development sourcing, user experience design, product management.




2/3/2016 8:31:52 AM,
Tod Gillespie replied:

Hi Ray,

All of my reading has been in the various forums and whitepapers. I understand that The Coming Age of Cryptocurrency by Paul Vigna is a good book that has a lot to say about blockchains and their potential for transformation. It's on my reading list, but I haven't gotten to it yet.